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Big Cass says he’s been in talks with WWE and is willing to return without Enzo Amore

Last month when news got out via the Wrestling Observer Newsletter about WWE having interest in Big Cass and Enzo Amore, WWE quickly shot down the idea of them returning to the company. WWE claimed to have no interest in Cass or Amore returning to the company so that story appeared to be dead.

However, Cass told WrestlingInc’s Raj Giri that he has been in contact with WWE, although nothing is set in stone.

“Yes, [WWE and I] have been in contact. I talk to them,” Cass said. “Who knows what will happen? I could get a call tomorrow, so I’ve been in contact with them and we chat on a regular basis. But nothing is concrete yet, so we’ll see what happens.”

When the report got out last month about Cass and Amore possibly returning to the company, Cass says Amore texted him about it and he sent screenshots to the news stories on the internet. Cass claimed that there were no talks going on with WWE at that time and he was shocked to read about it.

“I don’t know who put it out there,” Cass continued. “I don’t know what reason they put it out there for but maybe to gauge things, but I can guarantee you this – despite what Triple H said, Enzo didn’t put it out there, I didn’t put it out there. We had no idea where it came from.”

Cass went on to say that he and Amore have each other’s blessing on whatever the future holds for them in wrestling. He also indicated that he would be willing to go back to WWE without Amore.

“[Signing as a singles wrestler] is definitely something I would consider. Anything me and Enzo do together is just a privilege for both of us, but I know if he got a call from somebody and they said, ‘We just want you,’ I’d give him my blessing. And I know that if I got my call from somewhere, he’d say, ‘I’m going to give you my blessing.’ When we get to work together on the indies, whether it’s a signing or a match, we’re really pumped about that because me and him are like best friends in real life. So, we get to enjoy each others’ company throughout that, but when I think it comes down to business, if he goes somewhere, good for him. If he gets a music deal or something like that, good for him. I’m right in his corner. And I think that if I get a deal with any wrestling company, or entertainment, or anything like that, he’d be right in my corner.”

For what it’s worth, when the original story broke on WWE having interest in Cass and Amore, the story was that the idea for them was to return as a surprise on NXT, likley for the October 2nd show that goes head-to-head against AEW. WWE seems cold on the idea of bringing back Amore but “never say never” is the phrase oftentimes used in wrestling and as seen in the past with names like Bruno Sammartino, Bret Hart and others, time heals all wounds.

The full interview with Cass will be available this Tuesday on the WINCLY podcast. The show is available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and TuneIn Radio.

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