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Fans should expect to see some changes to the presentation of a WWE Raw star and it could happen as soon as tonight.

If you've been watching Raw over the last couple of weeks, there have been subtle hints dropped that Tommaso Ciampa could break away from The Miz. It was clear on Saturday during their entrance that the idea is that Miz wants the spotlight for himself and he's just using Ciampa.

Well, it looks like we may see the old NXT Ciampa very soon...or at least something close to that character. Fightful Select reports that there have been discussions about enhancing Ciampa's presentation and the idea is to put more of a focus on his in-ring abilities, similar to how he was presented when he was in NXT. There's also been talk of him getting his NXT theme.

Ciampa has been praised for how he's rolled with everything given to him when Vince McMahon was still in charge and he received a lot of praise for his recent promo with The Miz.

This news is not a huge shock because Triple H has praised Ciampa's work in the past and he was someone who was well-respected when he was part of the NXT locker room.

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