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For many weeks, WWE has been sending White Rabbit clues through social media via QR codes on SmackDown and Raw and the general consensus seems to be that this is all leading toward the return of Bray Wyatt.

This is being kept top secret and only a few people in the company know exactly how all of this will play out but there is one thing that happened in the last day or so that will only fuel the rumors about Wyatt being back in the company.

As first pointed out by WreslteVotes, Wyatt's "Let Me In" theme song is back up on Spotify. This is significant because it was removed from the platform over a year ago after he was pulled off TV.

WrestleVotes wrote, "For what it’s worth, a buddy of mine just noticed this theme was back on Spotify today after being removed following Bray’s release last year. No clue what the cover art might mean... Just more fuel to the 🐇 fire."

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The rumor within WWE (via Fightul) is that a big reveal is expected tomorrow night at Extreme Rules. We don't know if Wyatt will debut a new look but all the signs point towards a return very soon with Alexa Bliss possibly joining him again. In recent weeks, the announcers were told to put over the fact that Bliss has not been herself this year.

Earlier this week, Freddie Prinze Jr said he reached out to Bray Wyatt for his new promotion but he does not think it's likely to happen...likely because Wyatt is expected back in WWE: "Everybody knows that I love Bray and it was basically reported that I was the one that made the offer, and sure, I'll confirm that. I've put out an offer there and I think it's a creative offer. Financially I wouldn't be able to compete with the WWE, but I've put other things in there that I think are important to Bray. I don't think I'm going to get it as the weeks go on, but we'll see. You never know, and if I don't, then I'll shift gears again like I did the last time. It's a speed bump in the road and I will find the next person and rework the story to make it work for that, but whoever my main guy is, that's who this is going to revolve around in the wrestling half of things."