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Former WWE star Big Damo/Killian Dane spoke with Steve Fall's Ten Count this morning for an exclusive interview with The full interview will be posted soon but here is what Damo/Dane said about the passing of the late Jay Brisco:

"I'm struggling really to be honest. A lot of his closer friends, you know, is taking a long time to, to really resonate with it all. Because it's such a shock. It can happen to any of us in a car, you know, and that's the sad and true part of it. He's an incredible father, he was bringing his kids to cheerleading practice, you know what I mean? It's awful to hear and it's worse, because for those of us who have met him [and] for those of us who've wanted to wrestle them, that can't happen. At least we're blessed that there were so many incredible marches by the Briscoe brothers and you've got the chance of going back and watching all of them. It doesn't fill a gap that is obviously going to be missed. He was really about to enter his prime at 38 years old. He literally could have went anywhere in the world and had much of the night and it's sad that a great wrestling mind is gone. I'm hoping that this may be a wake up call for a lot of people who may be taking stupid risks recently, that it could be the most mundane task that could be the last you do so maybe you don't need to take that risk."

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