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Big E calls former WWE Champion a "bully" on Twitter, gets a response



The New Day may be all fun and games on WWE TV, but on social media, one member seems to be airing out some dirty laundry. Former NXT Champion Big E took to Twitter today and had some words about former WWE Champion Sheamus. He claimed that Sheamus used to visit FCW back in 2009, when Big E was getting his start, and "bully" the young guys. Sheamus would also like to hear the boys tell him how great he was:

"I met Sheamus in 2009. I was 23 & he was significantly older. Although he was on the main roster, he used to come down to FCW to bully the new kids & hear the boys tell him how great he is. In those days, it violated wrestling etiquette to swing on him. Etiquette be damned."

"The Celtic Warrior" later responded, suggesting Big E's story isn't true:

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"In this fairytale I see you scribing this tweet a with quill, wearing a smoking jacket, and surrounded by many leather bound books. Any more from Big E’s BS Stories of Yore?"