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Big E is apparently serious about dating Becky Lynch's mom

Big E Mama Lynch

It looks like Big E was serious on Twitter about meeting Becky Lynch's mom.

It all started when E responded to a tweet from Lynch that included a photo of Mama Lynch. Becky let E know that she's married but that hasn't stopped him from the pursuit.

Big E took things a step further on SirusXM's Busted Open Radio.

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He said, "We've been tweeting back and forth and she very clearly approves of me thinking of her mom in this light and us possibly getting together. She even made reference to me possibly being her new stepfather."

Big E joked that Lynch is a grown woman so he would not have to pay to support her.

He added, "I don't know exactly all of her likes and needs and turn on's and turn off's but I'm going to get to the very bottom of all of that."

That wasn't all. He continued, "I got you running through my mind every day like you're on a treadmill just running and girl you don't quit. I got a lot of time these days. A lot of free time. You are all I think about, you are all I tweet about. Mama Lynch, I'm coming. Don't you worry Mama Lynch. I will be there real quick."

Listen to what Big E said about Mama Lynch by clicking below: