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Big E opens up on his relationship with Vince McMahon



Big E has the experience of being a mid-card talent, a top tag team wrestler, and now a top star in WWE

After years of success as just being a member of The New Day, WWE decided to give him a singles push and he had a run as the Intercontinental Champion before moving on to winning the Money in the Bank briefcase. Big E later cashed in and won the WWE Title from Bobby Lashley on an episode of Raw.

While doing an interview with TalkSport, Big E was asked about his working relationship with Vince McMahon.

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“It’s been good. I always go to Vince down the years, but now it’s a more regular thing where I’m getting feedback and I’m finally getting a chance to talk to him. But it’s cool, because we now have a different relationship.”

Big E continued by noting that he talked with him last week and they discussed the interview he had on The Breakfast Club. McMahon was giving him feedback about it. He said they’re having these conversations about things outside of the ring, which is a big part of being a WWE Champion.

Big E knows he has to represent the company and the WWE title in public appearances.

“So it’s really dope to have these conversations about that stuff. It’s not weird because I feel like I belong here, but it’s just crazy to be in this spot and being the guy having these conversations.”

Big E will wrestle Universal Champion Roman Reigns in a champion vs. champion bout at Survivor Series.