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Big E reveals his favorite historic big men in WWE

WWE Superstar Big E recently revealed some of his favourite ‘big men’ performers in WWE history. The New Day member revealed on their Feel The Power podcast recently that his dream match would be against Universal Champion, Goldberg. Big E would say that he wanted a hoss battle with the former WCW performer, and on this week’s episode of the podcast he was asked who else he would’ve liked to face in a WWE ring.

“Obviously there’s only one man named Goldberg, I mean there’s there’s plenty of men named Goldberg as it’s a common last name,” Big E began. “But one of the options? I grew up a big fan of Ron Simmons, yes I like Ron Simmons because he was also big and thick. I was a Florida State fan as a kid [and] he had his number retired at Florida State which is rare. So Ron Simmons was the man.”

Big E would also reveal that he is a big fan of the ‘Genetic Freak’ Scott Steiner. “Also, I love Scott Steiner. He’s all the muscles and he’s very athletic. I hope he’s doing well, yeah. Scott Steiner, who else did I like? It’s time, it’s Vader Time!”

The New Day stable member would then tell a story about his final pitch, the man they call Vader. “So you know me I’m a man who likes to be limber. I like to keep my legs splayed out. Sometimes we have a ride along where I put my feet out through each window. Oh man, I want to split out like my legs wide open and ready to do anything. So Vader came down as a guest coach in FC W, many moons ago. And this man was so limber I couldn’t believe it. I lost my mind when I saw him pop like a full split, he would just sit in the ring and we would he would talk. We were just talking about the business, he was just comfortably sitting in a split talking to us, just this massive man in a split! Comfortably!? This point he’s probably in his 50s or so, yeah, it’s incredible.”

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