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Big E talks Cesaro saving Tyler Breeze from being fired in WWE



WWE Superstar Cesaro appeared on this week's episode of The New Day: Feel The Power. The podcast this week was billed as 'Cesaro Appreciation Day,' as the Swiss Superman/Cyborg is constantly praised by Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods on the show. One of the topics discussed was Cesaro's time in FCW. It was then revealed by Big E how the former Claudio Castagnoli "saved" Tyler Breeze from being fired.

Cesaro vs Tyler Breeze in FCW

"I had my first match with Breeze right? my first TV match or whatever" Cesaro began. "And it was supposed to just be like short, and 'you get the win and look good.' Then I wrestled him, and I thought it went great. And I thought he was awesome. Everybody was like, 'how'd you feel you did? I think he [Breeze] did really well.' I'm like, 'Yeah, he's good!?' Like I was so surprised that everybody would think like, 'oh he's ACTUALLY good?' I'm like in twilight world. I'm the only one that realises that he's great?"

"sending him back to 1922"

Big E would then interject and discuss how this match was actually how Cesaro 'saved' Tyler Breeze. Cesaro hit an uppercut on the NXT Superstar that Xavier Woods referred to as 'sending him back to 1922.' And the way in which Breeze 'sold' the move helped him in the eyes of WWE brass greatly.

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Big E

"To this day, he's just really good" Big E began. "I feel like [he 's] underrated. This was the the 'Dalton' days where I just think he didn't have anyone who was in his corner. No one really liked him or thought much of him. But I believe if I recall correctly, he was very close to being fired. People were so impressed with the way he took that bump that you (Cesaro) saved his job. Legitimately saved his job with that bump, and he's still here today."

Cesaro humbly disagreed, saying that Tyler Breeze's ability is what saved him from being fired by the company.

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