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Big E talks The New Day being called the greatest WWE faction of all time

WWE Superstar Big E of The New Day recently appeared on WWE Network show The Bump. The SmackDown Tag Team Champion appeared on the show to discuss his faction The New Day and the recent claim that they are the greatest faction ever. FOX Sports recently published an article saying that Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and the aforementioned Big E are the greatest faction in WWE history, and this was brought up doing the show.

When asked how he felt about this, Big E was extremely humble. “I mean it’s cool, it’s cool” Big E began. “But, my job is to go out there and perform to be the best I can in the ring. And on the mic, that’s my job.”

Big E would elaborate further, saying that it isn’t up to him to determine who is the best ever. “The job of the fans, prognosticators and media? That’s your job to determine who’s the best in the world! And who is the best faction of all time. Part of me thinks maybe ‘oh this is flattering’ because I think of so many great factions. I will say though, we’re not done. You know what I mean? we’re not done.”

The SmackDown Tag Champ would also discuss NXT faction, The Undisputed Era. “There’s no other active factions…unless maybe Undisputed Era I guess you could say? Because they’re still going and who knows what their reigns will look like and how many titles they will win? But this is not this is not a conversation for me to decide. I’ll let people like you decide who’s the greatest faction. You know what I did? I actually muted that conversation [on Twitter] because I was tired of people going back and forth; talking about The New Day and what we have/haven’t done. That’s not for me to decide. That’s for you to decide, looking at the legacy and who’s where. It’s flattering I guess but we’re not doing it, we also got more to accomplish so yeah don’t ask me who’s the best faction of all time because I don’t know man.”

Would you say that The New Day are the greatest faction in WWE history? Let us know in the comments

If you use any portion of the quotes from this article please credit The Bump with a h/t to for the transcription


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