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Big E's neck injury could be career ending, according to former WWE/NFL doctor



There is still no official timetable on how long it will take for Big E's neck to heal and while he won't require surgery, his C1 and C6 were fractured and this could mean that his career is over.

In an article for, former NFL and WWE doctor Dr. David Chao said the following:

"The C1 fracture is most dangerous as the top cervical vertebrae is a ring and is commonly associated with immediate death or complete paralysis. Thankfully the fracture was not displaced and he will not need surgery. However, this type of fracture often heals incompletely and it may mean the end of his wrestling career."

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Chao said that the C6 fracture is likely a compression injury to the vertebral body and would likely require immobilization but not surgery and a minimum of three months recovery would be required "with return to full function and activities for this lower cervical injury."

Chao said that the injury likely occurred because of a lack of timing between Big E and Ridge Holland and that Big E is quite lucky that things were not worse for him, considering the circumstances. Chao said he previously worked regularly with WWE as a consulting physician for events and performing surgery.

Obviously, we hope that Big E is able to make a full recovery and hopefully this is not the end for him in the ring.

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