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Big faction vs. faction dream match being teased by top WWE stars



Oftentimes, when wrestlers bicker back and forth on social media, it's usually leading to something on TV.

The latest Twitter exchange between AJ Styles and Adam Cole has fans wondering if WWE is planning on a big faction vs. faction match. It certainly would make sense to do something big on FOX and this would definitely be a big match that would keep fans glued to their television's.

It all started with Karl Anderson saying on Twitter that the only Club that matters is himself, AJ Styles and Luke Gallows. A fan then chimed in and said: "And Undisputed Era." Styles saw that and laughed it off.

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Adam Cole responded: "Careful what you wish for AJ..."

With the latest news coming out about WWE talking with Fox Sports about airing NXT as direct competition for AEW, The Club vs. The Undisputed Era would be a nice way to kick things off with a bang for a big ratings grab.

For those of you that missed it, click here to read the story about NXT possibly moving to Fox Sports.