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Big hurdles may stand in the way of CM Punk’s first UFC fight

Fox Sports has a story up on CM Punk’s jump to UFC. The article notes that there are some concerns from some of the world’s top regulators about him jumping into UFC competition without any real MMA training. The story notes that top regulators from Nevada and New Jersey seemed concerned about this. In order for Punk to fight in UFC he would need to get a license from a credible state such as Nevada or New Jersey.

New Jersey’s athletic commission head Larry Hazzard says that a license for Punk to fight on a UFC show would “raise a red flag.” He added, “We would really have to look at this very closely.” Hazzard said that Punk’s opponent could be a very important factor in whether they would sanction a fight with Punk.

Nevada Athletic Commission executive director Bob Bennett essentially echoed the same sentiments. “We are not going to put someone with no fight experience in the cage against a specialized MMA fighter … if he’s had no prior fights, that’s obviously something that would concern us.” A UFC official told Fox Sports, “we intend to match Phil with someone at an appropriate level.”

For those that want to make the Brock Lesnar comparisons, well, Brock was a world class amateur wrestler and had one MMA fight before UFC. Dana White has said in interviews this past week that they won’t be throwing the kitchen sink at Punk and he will likely face someone with a similar record (0-0) as Punk.

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