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Big Money In The Bank announcement scrapped from Raw this week



A lot of fans thought it was strange how Raw featured teams like The Ascension and Breezango cutting cellphone video promos while talking about how they're going to win Money In The Bank briefcases. After all, there were only two MITB ladder matches announced by Kurt Angle to kick off the show this week. But it turns out there is a very good reason for that and it has to do with WWE changing their plans

Bryan Alvarez mentioned on Wrestling Observer Live how WWE initially had plans to announce a third Money In The Bank ladder match on Raw but they changed up their minds because they figured since there are 6 weeks to plan for the big event then they had plenty of time to announce the match.

This third Money In The Bank ladder match is set to be a tag team match which is why Breezango and The Ascension were seen talking up how they're going to win a briefcase. The simple fact is that nobody alerted the video department so they didn't take the tag teams out of the pre-taped segments.

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