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Big news on two WWE Superstars' return from injury

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WWE isn't ballet and that is proven any time someone goes down with an injury. No matter how safe someone tries to be in the ring, an injury is always going to be in the cards.

There have been a few injuries recently but it looks like two WWE Superstars are getting ready to make an in-ring return or at least they're cleared to make a return.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted Alicia Fox was cleared for a return on June 18th meaning it just happened this week. Only time will tell how they will use Fox on the main roster though because she did have a little blow up during WrestleMania week with Ronda Rousey's husband Travis Browne which was not a good look at all for the veteran Superstar.

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It was also noted on Wrestling Observer Live how Fox might have been released following her confrontation with Browne but WWE has a general rule that they don't release performers while they're on the injured list.

Jason Jordan's return is also apparently coming up soon enough because he is expected to be back in July. Although he might have been ready for a return previously it appears WWE is actually slating his return as they build toward SummerSlam. Therefore, it could be likely we'll see him have some kind of involvement in the Biggest Party Of The Summer this year.

As for Dean Ambrose, he was at the WWE Performance Center last week training but there is no timetable for his return just yet. The idea is to have him back during the Summer, but there's no definite word on when it will be just yet. After all, he was given a 9-month return estimate when he initially had his triceps injury in mid-December last year.