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Big Show calls Roman Reigns detractors ignorant and selfish over WrestleMania decision



WWE Superstar The Big Show recently appeared on the Gorilla Position podcast. The former World Heavyweight Champion was on the podcast to discuss a variety of topics from his career, and he also commented on the upcoming WrestleMania 36 events taking place this weekend.

During the interview, Big Show would discuss Roman Reigns 'pulling out' of the event, and the detractors who took jabs at the former WWE Champion for it.

Big Show on Roman Reigns

"I think anyone that was to give anyone grief or something like that? It's really very selfish" Big Show began. "[It's an] almost ignorant point of view. Roman Reigns has had his battles with leukaemia. This is an illness that, you know, own his own he has fought, repressed and got into remission. This guy's literally got his life in his hands and he's also got two new kids who are extremely vulnerable."

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Big Show would elaborate further, saying "I think for Roman, I think it was an extremely difficult decision for him to make. At the same time the only decision that he can make is to be responsible for his own sake and his family. So you can't begrudge someone for making that choice. I don't think there's not one person out there that wouldn't have made the same choices as Roman. When you look at the facts, every talent has to weigh, you know, risk reward factor."

Show would also state that he believes Roman will be back sooner rather than later. "And Roman Reigns is the kind of guy that, you know, when the situation becomes available for him to step back into the yard? Be the 'Big Dog?' Then he's going to be the Big Dog. Right where he left off, that doesn't change. Roman Reigns is still Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns as a competitor, the Roman Reigns as you know right now."

Big Show would finish by discussing just how strenuous the situation with coronavirus is, and how important it is for performers to make these decisions. "This is a little bit bigger than Roman Reigns. A little bit bigger than anyone that has the conditions that he has. He has to take the precautions that he thinks are right. I'm proud of him for doing that. That's the thing about WWE, they're not going to ask you to do anything you're uncomfortable with. As much as people like to talk trash or portray things of what goes on backstage. I've been with Vince McMahon 20 plus years, he's never asked me to do one thing I'm not comfortable with. Even wearing 40 yards of silk up my butt to wrestle sumo wrestlers, Believe it or not, I was comfortable with that."

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