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Big Show defends WWE’s decision to continue TV events during coronavirus outbreak



The Big Show has come to the defense of WWE over its decision to continue to hold TV events during the coronavirus outbreak.

He did so while speaking with FOX News. The company has received criticism for this decision as they have been airing both live and taped shows from the closed-set WWE Performance Center in Orlando as the pandemic is still taking over the country of the United States.

WWE has been deemed an essential business by the Florida Governor, which is why they’re able to hold TV events in the city of Orlando.

Big Show started out by talking about how WWE feels an incredible responsibility during times of hardship like this to give fans a way to escape. At the same time, he stated that WWE is taking their duties very seriously.

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"We're trying to do things the best that we can to entertain and also follow a lot of safety and health guidelines," Show said. "I know that when I was there to do some things that I do with Drew McIntyre [there was] medical screening, temperature taking and social distancing.

It was really nice to see how much WWE went after making the talent as safe as possible and those that wanted to compete for the fans. And that was one thing that's been made very clear to all the talents -- you don't have to. If you feel uncomfortable, stay at home, stay with your family."

Big Show’s match with McIntyre took place the night after WrestleMania 36 for the WWE Title, which McIntyre won the night before by dethroning Brock Lesnar.

He added, "If you're not in a situation where you could put someone else at risk… and you want to try to entertain your fans, you can. I thought they did a great job and WrestleMania turned out amazing."

Show also spoke about his new show on Netflix, The Big Show Show, and more. You can read the entire interview here.