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Big Show opens up on WWE keeping his return on Raw a secret

Future WWE Hall of Famer The Big Show recently did an interview with Sports Illustrated

Among a wide range of topics, Big Show discussed how WWE kept his return on Monday Night Raw last week to serve as the surprise partner of Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe a secret. 

This is where the former WWE Champion teamed up with Owens and Joe to take on Seth Rollins and AOP in a six-man tag team match. 

“They had me in an SUV with tainted windows, and I had a big Chrome Hearts hooded sweatshirt that I had over my head,” said Wight. “I tried to hunch over and hide. Once we got back to an area that no one could see, I walked into a private changing area.”

It’s no secret that Show had to undergo several surgeries in order to make his return. In fact, over the course of two years, the former WWE Champion had five surgeries. 

“I have fought very hard for the past two years to get back in the ring and get back to a legit competitive state of mind and state of body,” said Wight. “My hip joint looked like a cracked bowling ball, and there were problems doing the surgery with someone of my size. I was depressed, my career was being taken away from me.

“I worked very hard through five different surgeries. I went through IV PICC lines for dealing with a surgical infection, to replacement joints, always believing I was going to get back to a point where I could compete. So last Monday, hearing an incredibly positive response from the crowd, I knew I was going to enjoy that moment.”


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