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Big Show reveals why he pulled out of the Greatest Royal Rumble show

As we noted during the weeks leading up to the Greatest Royal Rumble, Big Show was advertised to appear in the 50-Man Rumble match but sometime during the week before the show he was pulled off advertisements.

Show was on Steve Austin’s podcast this week and he revealed that there was a hole in the surgical scar where he was cut open from his recent hip surgery.

“They wound up cutting it open and exercising the hard infection. Then they did an open wound treatment which was all superficial.” Show said that he had a hole in his leg and he had to call Vince McMahon to tell him why he would not be able to travel, especially out of the country because the flight could make the hole bigger.

Show said that the hole started closing up after 4 days so he was ready to go on the trip but Triple H told him that it would be better for him to stay home instead of risking his health. He gave credit to Triple H and Vince McMahon for looking out for his health because he was ready to hop on a plane to Saudi Arabia.

The World’s Largest Athlete also talked about his new 3-year contract. He had plans to retire but he signed a new deal because it was an offer he couldn’t refuse and his in-ring time will be limited on this deal.

He also talked about boats, birds, his recent hip surgery and tons more. Click here to listen to the entire podcast.

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