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Big Show talks wanting Stone Cold Steve Austin on Netflix show

Big Show Show


Long tenured WWE Superstar and star of the new 'Big Show Show' on Netflix The Big Show recently appeared on WWE's The Bump. The show was released on Netflix April 6th and has been met with lukewarm critical review, but has had a strong following with audiences. IMDB has an average rating of 6.4, and Rotten Tomatoes has an Audience rating of 88% (as of writing).

Appearing on The Bump, Big Show would discuss the first season of the show and the WWE Hall of Famer that he would like to appear in upcoming episodes.

Stone Cold Netflix

"We're here with (show creators) Jason Berger, Josh Bycel and I. We've kicked this around because we've both all three of us had talked about Stone Cold Steve Austin." Big Show would then go on to say how Steve Austin would be the ideal WWE legend to bring in for the show. "Steve would be the ultimate for our live audience family comedy. Steve's got a natural timing and delivery and everyone knows his character. I would love to see some kind of a matchup between JJ (played by Juliet Donenfeld) and Stone Cold. Let those two play with each other, like play off of each other. I would love to see my evil little gru, beautiful youngest daughter, deal with the Texas Rattlesnake. I think it would be a show to remember, for sure."

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Verbally Confirmed?

Big Show recently spoke to Instinct Culture and he revealed that Stone Cold has at least 'verbally' committed to a role on the show. "We have an episode where I decide to take my wife on a WWE cruise… I got Mark Henry who is my best friend in real life and Mick Foley and Rikishi came on. And just the way those guys put a hundred and ten percent forward and just had such a fun time, made it fun for everybody."

"I’ve got a lot of friends that they’re very supportive and very happy for me, that know me, know my sense of humor and understand that this has been a dream of mine for a while. I have a lot of friends that want to come on. So, season two I’ll be calling in a lot of favors to bring some of the guys in. I’ve got a verbal commitment out of Stone Cold, Jason Berger and I already have an episode for that but we’re keeping it on the d-low."