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Big Show told Kofi Kingston "these two aren’t going to get you over" when New Day was forming



The Big Show is the guest on this week's episode of "The New Day: Feel The Power" with Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods. There was a lot discussed on the show and Big Show admitted that he was not a fan of Kofi being paired with Big E and Xavier in the beginning.

Here are some highlights from the podcast:

The Big Show was asked to recall what he originally thought of the New Day: “I’ve seen Kofi come in from FCW. Thinking of all the poor things Kofi went through and how he strived and his athleticism and his commitment to being better. His commitment to being dependable and solid. I saw him working in that championship role. He was getting there. He was Intercontinental Champion. He moved up to Heavyweight Champion. Then there are these two guys I don’t know. One looked like he drove a mud bus on the way in and ate a cow somewhere in between. This other guy is running around with a trombone playing tunes and acting like he’s lost his mind. I’m thinking three man band. No one is going to come out well in this. This is not going to work. This is what I saw backstage. I pulled my friend Kofi discreetly off to the side. Like I told Kofi, I said you are on your way to being a champion and getting that title. You don’t want to run around with these two. I get it, you want to do something, you’re in a lull right now, but these two aren’t going to get you over. Kofi said, I appreciate that. But there is something special here. Give it a look. I said ok. I will give it a look. I will reserve judgment. I really thought this was a death sentence for my friend Kofi. I sit down. I’m watching the monitor. I hear this loud booming voice come over it like I’m sitting in a Baptist Church in South Carolina. All of a sudden, everything comes out; the trombone, and the crowd, and the energy. Then I saw you guys work and how you work together. As soon as you all came through the curtain, I said I apologize for everything I just said. I said I was absolutely wrong. What you guys are doing is magic. Don’t change and I’ve been a fan ever since.”

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The Big Show talked about a picture of himself with Lenny Kravitz, George Clinton, Laurence Fishburne, Denzel Washington: “I’m really good friends with Lenny Kravitz. Edge was upset because Lenny and I are friends and I never told him. He (Kravitz) shows up at my house at Thanksgiving with a fork in his pocket. He’s family if that makes any sense. That night, he said Fishburne is having a get together at his house and asked if I wanted to go. I said, Lawrence Fishburne? Of course. We go to the house. Let me just say how amazing Lawrence Fishburne is in person. His presence is unbelievable. This big clear voice is so natural and the love that emanates off this man when you are in his presence is unreal. You feel like you’ve known him your whole life. He is such an incredible personality. We met Fishburne. He is dying laughing because his wife at the time, when he was married to Gina, I met her at a USA Bonnie Hammer party with all the USA people there. Well, I guess she went home and told Fish all about this tall glass of milk that she liked. I didn’t know anything about this. When I went to Fishburne’s house, he looked at me and started laughing and fell down in the driveway laughing. I’m like, yea, it's February so Lenny brought his biggest white friend he has. I was wondering why he was laughing at me. He said you don’t understand. My wife loves you and she’s not here. That was a nice icebreaker. Then Denzel is driving George Clinton. They are pulling in Fishburne’s house. Lenny told me I have to go tell Denzel you loved him in Ray. I said what? Denzel is one of my favorite actors of all time. I am not telling him I loved him in Ray. I know that was Jamie Foxx. I go in the car. I reached in the car and said hi to George Clinton. I said (to Denzel), I loved you in Ray. He said, wrong brother. I told him they told me to say that. That was an incredible night. There were incredible stories by some tremendous individuals.”

Big Show discussed how he got the part in the Big Show Show on Netflix: “That was a great culmination between WWE and Netflix. I’ve driven Vince nuts since Rock was on Saturday Night Live for a sitcom. It was to the point that when we went on all those trips overseas to Iraq and Afghanistan if I sat next to him, I was driving him nuts. All those times you guys came up to him at RAW and I was sitting in the chair next to him, at some point, I had driven him nuts about my TV show. I told him I could do this. This opportunity came up for this partnership. I got the chance. They put the ball in my hands. I ran my mouth and told them I could do it. I begged for it and I got the opportunity. It only took me 18 years.”

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