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Bill DeMott on working with Triple H in NXT, Kevin Owens, Tough Enough



Former WCW and WWE star Bill DeMott recently spoke with Planeta Wrestling about various topics. During the interview, DeMott was asked about being a trainer on the reality show WWE Tough Enough and training guys like Ryback and The Miz.

“I was so grateful for the first opportunity to coach on tough enough, it turned into the biggest part of my career and I was part of the most successful shows WWE ever did. I am truly proud of everyone that competed because win or lose I spent every day with them and know what they went thru. They all deserved to be there and then if they continued they knew what they needed do.”

DeMott explained that some of his great moments in his career came while in NXT and working with Triple H.

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“All of my time with Paul and NXT are some of my greatest moments and accomplishments. No matter how much the business changes there will always be some that think it changed too much or this should have been done or that should be done. Successes, success and there is no denying what Paul and NXT are doing is successful.”

Finally, DeMott was asked about Neville, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens succeeding on the main roster. DeMott was the head coach of NXT while the three stars were in NXT.

“I imagine I am the old retired coach watching his players / students / talents go on to bigger and better things and continue to change the face of this industry. I am proud of all of them, and I get a nervous energy when I watch them and see how well they are all doing.”

You can read the entire interview here.