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Bill DeMott responds to "naked stinkface" photo, alleged racial slurs, homophobic claims

Bill DeMott has been responding to more tweets about the allegations levied against him. He has not accepted media requests so this is the first time he's commented on specific allegations. As noted yesterday, WWE is expecting lawsuits to come out of all of this. Former WWE trainer/former WWE star Tom Pritchard ripped WWE over the way their investigation was handled in 2013 when the stories were brought up to management.

Colt Cabana made a claim on his podcast that DeMott called him a "kike" and said that he had the opportunity to report him to management but would risk his career by doing so. You can read more about what what Cabana said by clicking here. He said the following in regards to Colt Cabana's claim that DeMott used a racial slur on him:

I get that anyone can say what they want on social media, however if you knew me or anything about me you would know that would never come out of my mouth.

For those that don't know, there is a photo that has been going around social media for the last couple of years of Luke Gallows giving a naked stinkface (with a jelly donut) to Zack Ryder. Apparently he gave the stinkface to a female student as well. The photo is kind of NSFW so we will post it on the next page. Click on the arrow below to see the photo referenced.

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The photo below is the infamous "naked stinkface" photo of former WWE star Luke Gallows (aka Festus, aka Doc Gallows in NJPW) giving a naked stink face to Zack Ryder. The claim is that this was something done in fun, and as an ultimatum given to students if they wanted to skip out on a training day. The claim is that all of the students agreed to this and no one was forced to give or take the stink face. DeMott cab be seen watching at ringside.