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Bill Goldberg in serious negotiations for a WWE return

It looks like Bill Goldberg fans will be getting what they want because Goldberg is in serious talks about a return to WWE. As noted by Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, Goldberg and WWE are at least in the “very strong discussion stage” right now and it’s very possible that the deal has been completed or will be completed very soon.

As we noted earlier, Goldberg is scheduled to be on ESPN to talk about WWE 2K17 and to address his status with WWE. The appearance was set up by WWE so that could be an indication that a deal is already completed or expected to be done soon. If the deal is done then it’s possible that he will announce something on ESPN.

Goldberg has said publicly that he would love to return for one more match and that the issues between he and WWE are now behind them. Based on the WWE 2K17 event interviews during SummerSlam weekend, it would seem that Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar would be the most logical match-up for WrestleMania in Orlando.

Goldberg has not wrestled since WrestleMania XX in New York City. For years, it was believed that Goldberg and WWE would not do business again because of bad feelings from both sides but the WWE 2K17 deal helped open the doors for a reconciliation. Goldberg and Triple H did have talks a couple of years ago but those discussions fell through.


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