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Bill Goldberg on comparisons between he and Ryback, returning to wrestling and more

Former WWE and WCW World Heavyweight Champion Bill Goldberg appeared on Busted Open Radio on Friday to talk about various topics that include comparisons between he and Ryback, returning to wrestling and if he would ever return to WWE. Check out the highlights below:

On comparisons between him and Ryback: “I feel bad for the dude. He needs to get his own identity. He really does.”

On if he’s watch wrestling recently: “I haven’t watched wrestling since I left that ring after Wrestlemania 20.”

On if he would return to wrestling: “I am NOT coming back to wrestling. I am now a member of Glory Kickboxing.This is my passion and I’m like a kid in a candy store.”

On returning to WWE anytime soon: “WWE left a lot of money on the table. The match could’ve been talked about for the rest of our lives positively. Not negative.”

You can catch this interview on demand via Sirius XM Radio. If you liked this interview and would like more from the Busted Open Radio crew then check them out on Sirius on Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Friday’s from 1:00pm.EST – 3:00pm.EST.

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