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Goldberg says he’s not a wrestler, would do business with WWE, and talks about the Jericho fight

Bill Goldberg did a long interview with the Phoenix New Times and talked about a bunch of subjects.

On why his podcast is different from the other wrestler podcasts:

Yeah. At the end of the day, man, the reason I did the podcast is because I went through my Rolodex and thought, “There has to be a way to take advantage of all the cool people that I know.” So, in the beginning, by not [featuring] wrestlers, I wouldn’t be able to gain that much traction as the other guys, but I’m not at all like the other guys. I’m different.

I’m not a wrestler. I am a football player who looked at wrestling as a business. I do not live it, I do not breathe it, I do not eat it and shit it like everybody else does. And I truly believe that there’s a lot more interesting content out there that I’m going to try turning these wrestling fans on to that’s cool. I’ve been leading a pretty cool life and have some really cool friends.

Goldberg talked about how he doesn’t want to pigeonhole himself by putting on just wrestlers on his podcast:

Like, I’ve got Darius Rucker and Dale Earnhardt Jr. coming up in a couple weekends. I personally believe that that’s a little more entertaining than listening to a wrestler who’s been interviewed 15 million times before. I don’t want to do anything that anyone has done before. It’s not a wrestling podcast, so [but] I’m not going to turn my back on my wrestling fans, by any stretch, because they are a large part of the reason why I have a podcast. The reason why I’m able to go to fan events like this weekend.

But I’m not going to pigeonhole myself to where I’m just going to talk about wrestling, because I’m a huge car fanatic, I love music. I’m going to [see] Chris Daughtry this coming weekend after Arizona. I had him on the podcast. I’m going to Slightly Stoopid, which is a local band here in San Diego, the night after and I’m going to have those guys on. I’ve got Alice Cooper coming on, Jimmy Johnson’s coming one, Charles Barkley’s gonna come on, and I’m trying to get LeBron [James].

On possibly having Chris Jericho on as a guest:

Absolutely. Why not? We’ll do a co-promoted podcast where it should be aired on both simultaneously. Yeah. No big deal. I’m 47 years old, man, I don’t hold grudges with people. If he’s got a problem with me, say it to my face. Other than that, shut up, you know?

He also talks about the alleged fight that happened when Goldberg was in WWE a few years ago and Jericho calling him a “bro” (scroll down for Jericho’s tweet):

Yeah, that’s how I feel too, man. And I very much appreciate him saying that. Until I talk to him face-to-face, which I haven’t done since the B.S. went down years ago, which…it was ridiculous. It was the furthest thing from a fight that I think I’ve ever seen. But he knows the truth and I know the truth, and the reality is we’re grown men, dude, we’ve got bigger and better things to do than [dwell] on a ridiculous little subject that people seem to bring up every couple minutes.

Goldberg said that he would do another match as long as WWE learns to do business:

Uh…I think in general, although they’ve been extremely successful over the years. I don’t know, man, I haven’t talked to too many guys that see eye to eye with them, unless you’re in that inner circle, but not unlike any other business, you’re gonna have your opinions about it. [But] no, they don’t know how to do business with me, I mean, the reality is, I don’t think they want to do business with me. I think that’s the reality of it.

So I could care less, to be honest with you, but to answer that question, I just don’t think that there’ll be a chance for us to do anything. And I’ve said it before and I said it at [WrestleCon], the last conversation I had with Triple H, and I left it in their corner, was, “Hey man, I’m willing to put everything aside, I have an eight-year-old boy who’d love to see me wrestle. So if you guys want to make a lot of money and do some business, then let’s do it.”

You can read the entire interview by clicking here.

Jericho’s tweet from last month on Goldberg and video of Jericho talking about the incident a few years ago is below.


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