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Billy Corgan speaks out on TNA, being lied to by Dixie Carter, his future in wrestling and more

Billy Corgan was interviewed by Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer for Wrestling Observer Radio. The interview is free for everyone to listen to.

The interview started off with a little history on Corgan’s involvement with the wrestling business all the way back to when he had talks with Paul Heyman about investing in ECW in 2000.

Corgan talked about funding TNA 3 separate times and it was towards the end that he tried to get control of the company because he started to figure out that certain people were not being honest with him and he was just pouring more and more money into the company without a return for his investment.

He praised Anthem Sports & Entertainment and said that in hindsight, they were the right party to purchase TNA. He said that everything is good between himself and Anthem. Everything is not so good with others in TNA (presumably Dixie Carter, Dean Broadhead, Serg Salinas and John Gaburick) and he may explore his legal options. Essentially, he can take them to court if he chooses.

Corgan said that he was not told about the tax lien on TNA from the State of Tennessee. It’s crazy to think that he was given the title of President and this was never disclosed to him. He also noted that although he was given the President title, he realized that it was just a paper title and it meant very little. He said that, while he was with the company, he had talked to different potential partners and he was told many times that they did not want to do business with Dixie Carter but they would be interested if Corgan was in charge. The first time Corgan spoke with people in TNA, one of the first things he said was that the “TNA” name needs to go. Obviously, many of his ideas fell on deaf ears.

Corgan said that the issues were so bad that there were people that threatened to not show up at shows. He and Dave Lagana are in talks to figure out what to do in the future. It remains to be seen if that’s something related to the professional wrestling business.

There’s lots more in this 47-minute interview. Click here to listen to the interview (Free) and click here if you’d like to subscribe to the Wrestling Observer website.


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