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Bob Ryder suggests that TNA should be more aggressive and go after ROH talent

TNA’s Bob Ryder did a Q&A on Thursday night on the TNA Mecca website. He’s taking some heat from fans online for some of the comments he made in reference to ROH specifically where he teases that perhaps TNA should get more aggressive to go after some of their talent.

Here are some highlights/lowlights:

On Awesome Kong:

She is a little smaller having lost some weight, and has had back issues, but she has done a great job for us this run.

On a possible relationship with ROH:

We have had talks at various times to see if ROH would want to do business with us. They weren’t interested at the time. Maybe we should get aggressive and go after some of their unsigned talent? That would be interesting.

Note: This pretty much confirms the report in the Wrestling Observer newsletter. Dave Meltzer noted that TNA reached out to ROH about an invasion angle but ROH was not interested in working with TNA.

Ryder also claimed that TNA would be running more shows. As of right now, the only house show scheduled is a show in September and the usual UK tour in January. Ryder claimed that they would still be doing Bound For Glory in October.

On Roderick Strong:

Well he WAS backstage at one of our events….

On the ROH Champion Jay Lethal:

Current champ spent a lot of time with us backstage a couple of months ago too. Hmmmmm

It hasn’t been a great week for TNA. Perhaps people like Bob Ryder should law low for a while.

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