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Bobby Lashley can't understand fans' division on Roman Reigns



Its no secret that the WWE Universe is split on the push Roman Reigns has been receiving over the past few years.

Reigns has received the John Cena treatment from the WWE crowd since being blasted into the main event scene of WWE. Fans boo him relentlessly from city-to-city, but some cheers can still be heard in the crowd as well. Much like Cena, Roman has received the old "Lets go Roman" "Roman sucks" chants as well.

This is something that seems to confuse RAW star Bobby Lashley, who recently returned to the WWE this past April and has gotten the opportunity to work with Reigns. In a recent conference call with GiveMeSport's Alex McCarthy, Lashley explained his confusion on the division amongst the WWE Universe in regards to Reigns:

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“It kills me to be out in the ring with somebody of his level and the crowd be divided as to whether or not he deserves to be in the position he is – and I don’t get it. He has the look, he’s a great athlete and he’s a great in-ring performer.”

When asked which young stars impressed him the most, Lashley called Reigns "phenomenal" but also named guys such as Elias, Braun Strowman and Finn Balor as guys who have impressed him. He also seems to be a big fan of Apollo Crews who he feels is underutilized and hopes WWE finds something bigger for him down the road.

“I hope they find something for Apollo because h has so much untapped potential.”