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Bobby Lashley has a message for Paul Heyman regarding possible Brock Lesnar match



Bobby Lashley has wanted a match with Brock Lesnar for years and has talked about it more and more because he’s now in a position where there’s no reason not to do it.

Lashley is on top of the company right now as the WWE Champion. While speaking with TMZ Sports, Lashley made it clear that he’s just not willing to wrestle “The Beast,” but is more than willing to fight him in an MMA setting if need be. For now, he’s just focused on things he can control such as his daily routine.

“Brock is one of the biggest things across the sports industry, the sports world, across the board. If I can have an opportunity to fight Brock or wrestle Brock, or do anything against Brock, I am 100% in, and I will be ready. That is all I got to say about that.”

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He was later asked what his message would be to Lesnar, to which Lashley responded by having a message for Paul Heyman.

“It’s not to Brock Lesnar, it would be more like to Paul Heyman. Paul, call me before you guys always said that I had nothing or no reason for him to come after me, now I do.”

You can watch the entire interview by clicking on the player below: