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Bobby Lashley has plans to return to Bellator MMA and he wants to compete in jiu-jitsu tournaments and bare knuckle fighting

WWE Champion Bobby Lashley was interviewed this week on the Fightful podcast. Lashley talked about Vince McMahon clinching him, SummerSlam, Hell in a Cell this Sunday, The Hurt Business, and his future in MMA.

Lashley was asked if he sees comparisons between himself and Drew McIntyre since they both left WWE, went elsewhere, and came back and are now top guys in the company:

“When we left the business before, coming back you can see the amount of hunger that we had coming back.  We changed.  We were in better shape.  We worked our a** off to get back.  When we got back, we still had that hunger of greatness in this business.  We didn’t come back just to be another guy.  That’s why this match this weekend is so special because it’s a match of putting yourself in Hell in the Cell and doing whatever it takes for that title.”

Lashley on if he would ever fight in MMA again:

“I would fight again.  I have the hunger.  My boxing coaches hit me up this morning, so we will be boxing here in a little bit.  I did some strength and conditioning, so I’m in great shape.  It was one of those things where you don’t have to fight, but it’s like, I still have that competitive edge, that competitive will that I’ve had my entire life.  I think one thing that I will be doing is I will be competing in jiu-jitsu tournaments.  That’s not as stressful on the body.  I’ve always wanted to do a Bare Knuckles fight.  I’ve talked to the Bare Knuckles owner.  We talked a few times about possibly doing a fight.  I may have to bring that by Vince before doing it.  I stay ready so I can possibly do one of them.  I think if I do MMA, it will definitely have to be under Bellator because I’m still contracted by Bellator.  Bare Knuckles, I don’t know if I would be able to do it based on my Bellator contract, but we have talked about it, and jiu-jitsu I will definitely do.”

The full interview can be heard now on every major iOS and Android podcast streaming app.

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