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Bobby Lashley on Brock Lesnar match: "It would be the biggest thing on TV”



Bobby Lashley is back at it again with talk about facing Brock Lesnar. 

Lashley recently did an interview with TV Insider where he spoke about a wide range of pro-wrestling topics. This includes wanting to face the WWE Champion. 

Currently, Lashley is in a feud with Rusev and Lana. With this program being one of the top storylines on the red brand, this is only leaving Lashey more hopeful that he can get a feud and eventual match with “The Beast.” 

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According to Lashley, he thinks this would be the biggest thing on WWE TV should it get booked. 

"I was like, 'Where is Brock? Sign us up. Let's do this. Let's fight.' They were like, 'No, we need you to dance on Instagram. We need you to tell a joke. We need you to look sloppy and do some different things. Sing on TV. Make out with this lady.' All these things they want that are different.”

Lashley continued by noting, "It would be the biggest thing on TV. Probably second to me and Lana making out on TV," he said. "Layers. Let's do the layers. The fight will be there. I'm in great shape. Brock is in great shape. As the weeks go by, the hardest thing is everybody hates me. But they hate him too, so who're you going to cheer for? I'm stealing people's wives, and he is being an asshole. Let's just see. I think when the fight comes, they are going to want to see it."