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WWE’s United States Champion Bobby Lashley recently spoke with Lucha Libre Online’s Isa. The following highlights were sent to us:

Bobby Lashley on his WWE return: “Before I made my comeback, I was already on my 40’s. To think that you may be able to come to WWE at that age is unheard-able, but I knew I was going to. I knew I was going to win a world title. I knew I had so much more to go. I know I’m going to win another world title”. “The harder I work, the luckier I get”.

Bobby Lashley on Austin Theory: “The kid is super talented”. “I like that kid. The reason why I like him is because he’s hungry. When I first got here, I was hungry. Look at the people I was after. I was going after Booker T, JBL, Big Show, Kane, I was going after everybody I could go after to make a name for myself. That’s the same thing he’s doing”. “He’s going after Roman Reigns. He’s going after Brock. He’s going after me. He’s going after Drew. He’s stepping up to people and he’s running his mouth. You can see the look on his face of extreme confidence. You can’t not like him for what he’s doing”. “What I try to tell him is that he has to take baby steps and be humble. It’s my responsibility to humble that kid and to let him it’s a walk. It’s not a run to the top. It’s a walk”.

Bobby Lashley on Brock Lesnar: “We didn’t get it all. We got a little teaser. I think there’s some unfinished business”. “Brock has been consistent like this for the last 20 years”.

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