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Bobby Lashley wants to fight with Brock Lesnar



Bobby Lashley lost the Intercontinental Championship to Finn Balor but he's already looking to the future for a bigger match. We caught up with him in New York City during WrestleMania weekend and it's clear... he wants a match with Brock Lesnar and he doesn't care if it happens in the MMA cage or in WWE.

"I think all the fans want to see me and Brock eventually," Lashley said. "I'm here, here's here."

He said the fight hasn't happened up until this point because they were never in the same company at the same time but it can happen now that they are both working for WWE.

"Now we're finally in the same place at the same time so hopefully we can make it happen. If not, it's gonna happen in the cage. It's gotta happen somewhere."

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He also confirmed that he plans on fighting again and he is still under contract with Bellator MMA.

"Anything can happen. If I'm not with Bellator, maybe Bellator and UFC can put something together and let us fight there. I love fighting. I love the competition."

He said there are three more dates left on his Bellator MMA deal and he would have to lighten his WWE schedule if he fights again.

Back to Brock Lesnar, he said, "If they don't want to do it in a wrestling ring then eventually it's gonna happen. Somebody is going to capitalize on that fight."

Check out the video below: