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Bobby Roode on how his Glorious entrance music is a good and bad thing

Bobby Roode might be Glorious, but we wouldn’t be calling him that if he didn’t have his stellar song. Roode was a guest on Edge and Christian’s Pod of Awesomeness recently where he discussed many subjects from getting started in the pro wrestling business to having bleach blonde hair back in the day.

He eventually discussed his theme music and what makes it so special. Roode explained that he wasn’t even supposed to have that Glorious theme song in the first place. He said his initial theme song was much different but Triple H decided to use the Glorious track that they had originally intended for another superstar. Bobby didn’t say who that superstar was but rumors are it was supposed to be for Shinsuke Nakamura.

The Glorious One said he didn’t know what to think about the song at first but it soon grew on him. He said he never realized how popular his entrance music was before his debut in NXT. The song already had a million downloads even before he wrestled at TakeOver: Brooklyn. It was Glorious but Roode seems to be taking it in stride and understands what the true meaning of his presence in pro wrestling is all about.

“I never realized how big the song was until the music hit and I was doing my entrance” Roode said. “It was just like — I had to take a second and was like, ‘wow this is really cool.’ So in one aspect it made it a little easier but on the other aspect it’s hard because I gotta make sure that it’s not just about the song and it’s not just about the entrance.”

“Like I gotta go in there and I’ve gotta have everything meshed together and not only make the song and the entrance make me look like a star, but I’ve gotta be in there. I’ve gotta be a star while I’m working.”


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