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Bobby Roode says he hasn’t talked to James Storm since he left TNA, praises Samoa Joe and Finn Balor



Bobby Roode recently appeared on Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast to talk about his career and more. During the podcast, Roode was asked about his former tag team partner Jame Storm. ““Honestly, James and I haven’t talked since I left [TNA], so we’ve always, even when we were a tag team together, we’ve always kind of done our own thing.” He added that he thinks that is what made them special at the time. Roode noted that they are two different guys who never hung out but were able to create magic together. Roode said that his contract with TNA was up and he didn’t know if he would be coming back because he was unhappy. “James has been successful in the past, and I’m sure he will continue to be successful in his career.”

When asked if Samoa Joe and Finn Balor influenced his decision to go to NXT, Roode admitted that Joe did have an influence as he knows him on a personal level and worked with Joe for many years. Roode talked to Joe days before he came to NXT and didn’t know what was going to happen. “Like me, he just wanted an opportunity and kind of like a fresh start to be rejuvenated, and he got that.” Roode added that Joe is super talented and a unique competitor, so he gave NXT something different, and he had a fan following already, which is a huge plus to start with. Regarding Balor, he had a chance to get to know Balor while in Japan and knew how talented he is. Roode praised Balor for getting over with the fans and becoming a Superstar.

Roode also talked about the WWE Performance Center, indy scene and more. You can listen to the podcast here:

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