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Bobby Roode talks about why he left TNA, his future in WWE, more

Bobby Roode recently appeared on The LAW: Live Audio Wrestling this past weekend to discuss various topics. During the interview, Roode was asked about leaving TNA in January of this year after being with the promotion since 2004. Roode explained that he got into pro wrestling because he loves it and has been wrestling for 17 years. “Near the end of my career at TNA, I didn’t have that passion anymore,” Roode said. Roode said that he didn’t love leaving the house and going to work. He admitted that he loved being around the guys in TNA and that the locker room was always great but he didn’t enjoy it anymore. Roode wanted to step away for a while and figure out what he wanted to do with his career. Roode stated that WWE gave him an opportunity, so he flew down to Dallas on WrestleMania 32 weekend and met with some people from WWE and had some good conversations. Roode said that as soon as he was backstage at NXT Takeover and watching the event, he got a sniff of what it’s like in WWE, which started slowly bringing back that passion he once had for pro wrestling. “I really wanted to be a part of it all, so I’ve been really grateful for the opportunity,” Roode said.

When asked if he needed a WWE run for his career, Roode replied by saying that he thinks so. “The dream has obviously been to be a part of WrestleMania, be a part of a big stage,” Roode said. Roode said that he had an opportunity and is thankful for the opportunities he has had in the past where he has been and the companies that he has worked for. Roode explained that there is no better place to be (in WWE) and that this is the biggest stage in wrestling. Roode said that things happen for a reason and that is why he thinks he has been so successful in WWE. “I have been given this opportunity with this “Glorious” song, and it evolved into this really big thing and it’s been a lot of fun,” Roode said.

When asked if NXT has added years to his career, Roode said that he thinks so. Roode thinks wrestling is the only thing he is really good at and said that being in NXT has rejuvenated him and made him feel young again. “I feel like I’m right in the middle of my prime, I feel like I have years and years ahead of me,” Roode said. Roode stated that he feels like he could go 15 or 16 more years in wrestling because he is having fun again and has the passion for wrestling again. Roode stated that he looks forward to getting back on the road all the time and being a part of NXT shows. Roode said that he got into wrestling for a reason that and everything that’s going on right now with WWE and with NXT is the reason why he in this business.

You can watch the interview here:


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