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Boneyard Match took 8 hours to film, behind-the-scenes photos of AJ Styles and Undertaker on set


The Boneyard Match was seen as a big success by people in WWE so don't be surprised if you see something like that in the near future, especially because WWE needs to continue to figure out creative ways to fill time until restrictions on large gatherings are lifted.

Photos from the set of the Boneyard have popped up online and, as you can see below, there were a lot of people involved in the production of the match/segment.

Jeremy Borash, who works at NXT and was heavily involved in the Ultimate Deletion segments on TNA TV several years ago, was involved in the Boneyard Match production. Borash is pictured below. On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer confirmed that Michael Hayes and Paul Levesque were also involved.

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"Michael Hayes was the guy show as in charge of it but Paul Levesque did a lot so they are the two key guys," Meltzer said. "Jeremy Borash was involved as far as shooting and everything like that. On paper, the main guy was Michael Hayes but I was told Paul Levesque too."