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Booker T on why the WWE Draft didn't excite him, why he is glad that Big E split from The New Day



This week on the "Hall Of Fame" podcast, Booker T gave his thoughts on some of the hot wrestling topics of the week. The topics include the break up of The New Day, Eva Marie WWE return rumors, the WWE Draft and much more.

Here are some highlights:

Booker T gave his thoughts on the WWE Draft: “The draft to me, it’s just working for another show. It wasn’t about the hype. The hype was for the fans. I must honestly say, and I’m not trying to rag on these guys or anything these days, but the draft back in the day, there was a reason why we had to have a draft, and a SmackDown and a RAW. We had so much talent on the roster. We had so many guys that were mainstream superstars that could go out and carry the show. We really did. Not that we don’t have a lot of workers these days but, the abundance of talent that flooded into WWE back then as far as the big sweep from the WCW guys making the switch and going over in addition to the talent roster they already had, we literally had the best talent roster in the world at that time. We had an abundance of talent that could fuel two shows. It was totally different as far as how I looked at the draft back then compared to how I look at it now.”

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Booker gave his opinion of Big E being split from The New Day: “I’m glad personally. This is the only way Big E can really run on his own. He could really put himself out there without having that umbrella of the New Day. You have to let it go and go out there and be Big E and create his own brand in order to fuel what he’s trying to do right now and that’s take it to the next level. I’m not saying he has to change anything. Big E is going to have to create his own brand. If that is happy go lucky Big E, that’s fine with me, but he’s going to have to do his own thing. Hopefully, Big E will step up. I wish I could work with Big E for a minute. I wish I could get him in and let him sit under the learning tree for a minute like I did with Bobby Lashley back in the day and say this is what we need to do. Big E is a guy that I feel I could coach. If I was to manage someone, it would be a guy like Big E because I really feel Big E could run through the whole territory if the stars were aligned right for him. I’m not saying I want to be a manager, but I feel if there is anyone I could manage and get some feelings out of the fans watching this would be a guy like Big E. Big E could really be the guy if he had the right expert tutelage.”

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