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Booker T appalled at James Ellsworth, says he should go back to the indies



WWE Hall of Famer Booker T talked about various topics on the latest edition of “Heated Conversations.” During the show, Booker T brought James Ellsworth's run in WWE. As of late, Ellsworth has been a focal point in the AJ Styles - Dean Ambrose feud on SmackDown Live for the WWE Title. “It is old. I’m tired of seeing James Ellsworth,” Booker T said. Booker thinks Ellsworth had one hell of a run, but it’s time to send him back to the independents. Booker brought up seeing him at a convention, and he was appalled but admitted that Ellsworth is going to live this run for quite some time and that he will get paid well on the indy scene for this run. “I’m not a hater, but you must ride it for as long as you can.”

Booker brought up Hornswoggle being with WWE for years and that you can’t hate people like that, but he did wonder how Ellsworth would fit into the WWE mold. Booker ended speaking on Ellsworth when he said that “there are people in my Reality of Wrestling just scratching at the door, so when I see Ellsworth, there’s just gotta be a way, but you have to wait your turn, but it’s definitely getting a little old.”

Booker T also talked about his run as WCW TV Champion, his career and more. You can listen to the entire show here.

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