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Booker T calls out a former WWE star over 1991 incident

WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T took to his radio show/podcast “Heated Conversations” to call out former WWE star Ahmed Johnson.

Apparently, this is a response to things Johnson has said in shoot interviews.

Booker said, “You know me man. I don’t like to call people out. I’m not the type to say, ‘Hey man, step up.’ I’m passive. I’m laid back, you know what I mean? But, right now, I feel like I’ve got to call this guy out. You know I don’t care. I called out Corey Graves. I called out The Green Ranger and I’ve got to call out one more person: Ahmed Johnson. The thing is his names is not even Ahmed Johnson. His name is Tony Norris, so let’s get that straight. This guy that I’ve been listening to on the airwaves and he’s always got something to say about Booker T. I’ve got something to say about Ahmed Johnson here today on Heated Conversations”

Booker then proceeded to challenge Ahmed to a pie eating contest. “Aw, hell we’ll walk around a block; but, not to a fight or anything like that. I’ve made it formal right here on my show. If Ahmed Johnson is willing to take me on in a pie eating contest or a gingerly walk around the block. We could do this.”

Booker explained what went down in the early 90’s when they were both in wrestling school. Booker said Ahmed signed up towards the tail end just before the school was about to shut down.

Booker said, “He was 300 pounds and I go, Ahmed, Tony, ‘Hey man, we’re practicing. We don’t want to do power bombs and stuff like that because somebody can get hurt. You don’t practice stuff like that.’ You do that when the green light is on when you ready to go. And he goes, ‘Man, I want to practice my stuff and I want to practice it now.’ I’m going, ‘Man, you ain’t practicing this now and if you’ve got a problem with it, we can settle it after practice outside.’ I say, ‘I tell you what, I’ll be waiting for you outside.’ I’m a young svelte 26 years old and I’m mean and frustrated. After practice, he walks out and everything kind of subsided and went away and apologized and everything; but, I think that’s the beef that Ahmed has against me after all these years because he calls me a sellout. I hate a man that calls me a sellout.”

Booker says he was 26 when the incident took place and Johnson would have been 28 years old which means it would have happened in 1991 just before Booker and his brother Stevie Ray debuted in the Global Wrestling Federation.

Booker and Ahmed would not see each other again until 2000 when Johnson was signed and renamed “Big T” as part of the new Harlem Heat with Stevie Ray in a feud over who has the rights to the letter T. Yes, seriously that was a storyline at the time.

You can listen to the entire podcast by clicking below:

Thanks to Michael McLead at WrestleZone for the transcription.


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