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Booker T comments on Melina-WWE return rumors



During the latest "Hall Of Fame" podcast, Booker T talked about the rumors about Melina returning to WWE.

Melina has denied that she signed a contract but it's worth noting that many wrestlers who have signed deals to return (Edge and John Morrison, for example) have issued similar denials before they returned. We were told that Melina would be back as part of the Raw brand.

Booker said, "Melina is one of the best female wrestlers that I've ever seen inside the squared circle. I always ranked Melina very very high at the top of the card as far as women in the locker room - Trish Stratus, Melina in that category right there. She's definitely that good inside the squared circle. I told her that one day. We were at a signing in New York. I saw her and I said, 'Melina I never told you before but I really thought that you were the best that we had to offer in the locker room. You were the best talent WWE had at that point and time. You did it better than anybody that went out and performed.' And she started crying man. She was like, 'I never thought that you thought about me like that.'"

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Booker added, "I always thought Melina was the best as far as going out in the ring and making that performance as real as it could possibly could be. No one was better than Melina so I'm glad to see her back in WWE."

Booker also put over Melina's acting ability and once again put over her in-ring work. He said, "Melina, she can do it for the crowd but she did it for the guys in the back as well. Everybody respected Melina's work and there again to see her back in the company she definitely can be a beacon of light for a lot of the young girls out there trying to figure out what this thing is all about."

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