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Booker T: Conor McGregor would fit in the Cruiserweight Classic



WWE Hall of Famer Booker T recently spoke with Observer News Online about various topics. Here are the highlights.

On who the next big star will be: “I think it’s going to be more than just one guy. WWE finally opened up the door to the independent world, letting those guys come in and show exactly what they have. I’ve always thought there was a lot of untapped talent out in the independent world. They weren’t the prototypical WWE Superstar, but maybe they are the ‘People’s Champion.’ I think now with guys that have been around like (Finn) Bálor, who has been around a long time. Kevin Owens, Neville — those guys have been around a really long time. You’ve got guys like Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe, (Austin) Aries and guys like that who are getting a chance to come in, as well. They get a chance to perform on the big stage. You see A.J. Styles doing very, very well since he finally got a shot at going out there and performing. You actually see a guy who has pretty much a Southern accent, can get on the microphone and deliver a good promo. There’s going to be a lot of guys actually that are going to be coming up. I feel like the business is in good hands for the years to come, the Wrestlemanias to come and the pay per views to come.”

On Conor McGregor’s digs at WWE: “We’ve got the Cruiserweight Classic going on. Conor McGregor would fit in that Cruiserweight Classic. He’s not a big guy or anything. I think Conor McGregor has put out some inflammatory tweets I guess and got everybody all riled up. More importantly, I think Conor should just concentrate on his fight that he has coming up with Nate Diaz. Why is he not tweeting to Nate Diaz? Why is he not talking about him? Why is he not trying to make him upset? There’s got to be a reason. I think that’s what he needs to think about more than anything.”

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