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Booker T continues feud with Daniel Cormier, says “DX did more than the NWO”

Booker T and Daniel Cormier continued their verbal war on the latest “Hall Of Fame” podcast. Cormier has been in talks with WWE but it looks like he and Booker T are trying to push their own angle that could perhaps lead to something down the road.

Booker responded to recent comments made on the DC & Helwani show.

Daniel Cormier:  “He (Booker T) tucked his tail.  Now at this point, it’s almost like us picking on him.  He is saying, “Look at me.  I am 55 years old and I’m in tip-top shape.  I have my boxing gloves on, my MMA gloves, my weight lifting gloves.  Look at me.”  It’s over dude.  We can’t be picking on these dudes.  It’s over.”

Ariel Helwani: “He went from Harlem lukewarm to Harlem cold at this point. He is Harlem stale.”

Booker T: “They are talking about me and my gloves?  I don’t see Daniel Cormier taking his shirt off.  He has a flannel shirt on right and it’s probably 80 degrees and he has it buttoned up to his neck.  Are you kidding me?  Look at these guys.  They are talking about their ESPN.  Did you see that set?  It looks like they are sitting in the basement with a spotlight on them or something but it doesn’t look that professional.  To me, The Hall of Fame is a real show where people get real content.  We aren’t kissing nobody’s behind on this show.  We are not trying to bring in guests like Daniel Cormier and if they don’t like what we say, we don’t have to bow down like them.  Conor McGregor made Ariel Helwani look like a little girl.  A 10 year old girl at that.  Ariel Helwani was literally shaking asking the questions to Conor McGregor.  I’m like, look bro, this is real talk right here.  If you have something to say to me, say it in person or you can say it on Zoom.  I challenge Daniel Cormier since he’s talking now to get in the gym and work out with me and he couldn’t hang 2 seconds.  He couldn’t match me in pound for pound in any form of the gym other than probably MMA.  As far as working out goes and as far as staying in shape and can take their shirt off because the ladies love it when they can look at a real man and say, oh my God, good God, look at that.  That’s what they say when I take my shirt off still now at 55.  Daniel Cormier, I challenge you to a shirtless contest just to show the world who’s who and who’s the real man as far as that goes.  As far as it’s over?  It’s not over until I say it’s over.  Step inside the Hall of Fame and let somebody ask you real questions, not somebody that’s going to be perhaps in Vince McMahon’s kiss my ass club.”

Booker was asked, “Who was better, the NWO or DX?”  “That’s a hard question because DX sold a lot of merch.  They did a lot for the company as well as getting the people on the ride at that time.  DX did more than the NWO, especially from a longevity perspective.  I wouldn’t say from a fan base perspective because that NWO T-Shirt, I see it on everything.  DX didn’t become an army.  They were a faction.  NWO became an army of guys that were not top guys and a bunch of guys that were in there to fill spots.  Then it got so big, it became NWO black and white, NWO red and black.  It was bound for disaster as far as that group went.  The NWO should have been like DX and had their 5 men and not expand to at least 30 guys.  I’m glad there was a great move for me to not be part of the NWO because I don’t think I would have been getting any merch.  I would have just been part of the group.  There would have been 3 guys who got big checks.”

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