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Booker T explains what The Undertaker did for him during his early WWE days

On the latest episode of the “Hall Of Fame” podcast, Booker T talked about the Survivor Series pay-per-view, Saturday night’s UFC pay-per-view, Mike Tyson’s return to the ring and The Undertaker’s farewell.

Booker has a lot to say about his long-time friend The Undertaker: “When I came in the WWF back in the day, even though we are around the same age and we are both from Texas, I still looked at Taker a little bit different from the rest of the boys in the locker room even though we both came from the same area, the same territory. I still looked at him a little bit differently in that WWF locker room just because he was The Undertaker and everyone else looked at him totally different than everyone else in the locker room.

I felt it was right for me to give The Undertaker that respect. I made sure when I came in the WWF, WWE now, that I wasn’t coming in saying, hey, I’m here. It wasn’t anything like that. I said I’m going to come in here and make this thing work out. Taker was the first guy to come up to me and say, ‘Take it all in. It’s WrestleMania. It doesn’t get any bigger than this. Just slow it down and have some fun out there.’

Taker was the first guy to invite me in the TV locker room where all the top guns would dress where there were only eight people in there. He invited me.  I didn’t take it upon myself to dress in the TV locker room. I made sure I dressed in the locker room with all the boys and there were probably 30 plus guys in there. He was gracious enough to see something in me as well. I thought that was pretty cool. But to watch him the way he came up and the way he did it, not just with one guy or two guys. The Undertaker did it with every guy on the roster. He put Maven over. People don’t remember that kind of stuff. People don’t see that kind of stuff. They don’t understand. It’s like the wind. They can feel it but they can’t touch it. They don’t understand why The Undertaker has been around for 30 years and doing it at such a high level the whole time being at the top of the card for all of those years.

We aren’t going to see too many guys have 30-year careers. We probably won’t see anyone have a 30-year career. There are a lot of guys who will work 20 years in this wrestling business, but there are not going to be a lot of guys working 20 years at the top of the card making top billing, top money, for all of those years. That’s why I say guys should look at and try to pick the brain of a guy like The Undertaker and figure out what he did to parlay this thing for so long. How did he become so successful? What are the tricks of the trade? That is what these young guys should be focusing on because the art of doing this is not about how fast you do it or anything like that.”

Click on the player below to listen to the entire podcast.

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