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Booker T has a lot to say about Bobby Lashley potentially being a World Champion in WWE

During the latest episode of Booker T’s “Hall of Fame” podcast, he had a lot to say about Bobby Lashley and his desire to get to the next level as someone who could be a top champion in the company. For years, Lashley has said that he wants to be the WWE Champion and that he wants a match with Brock Lesnar.

Booker said, “Let me get this out there.  Bobby Lashley definitely has all the tools in the world to be the heavyweight champion.  I talked to Bobby many years ago and told him what I thought about him and what I thought he needed to concentrate his thought process towards.  Bobby ended up leaving the company to go and do the MMA thing.  He lost time right there which is a huge misstep.  That time wasted set him back tremendously.  Then he had to come back and regroup and almost start from the bottom all over again.  It is a pecking order.  It’s a ranking file and Bobby Lashley is going to be one of those guys that will have to weather the storm.  He said he is going to stick around for as long as he has to in order to become the World Heavyweight Champion.  That’s the way some guys make it to that next level.  I want to say that because a lot of people are still talking about that hashtag movement.  My thing is, people are always going to ask and keep it going.  There again, and I’m going on record as saying, let’s not be naive.  Don’t think I just fell off the back of a turnip truck yesterday.  Don’t think there isn’t a buddy system and certain guys get to the next level just because they know someone.  But the majority of the guys on the roster are not a part of that crew.  So you need to figure out how to make it to that next level.  Bobby Lashley is willing to go on record as saying he is sticking around until he wins the World Championship and does what he needs to do to get there.  I don’t see anybody trying to create anything for him because there again, that’s not going to help him. I don’t remember Jake “The Snake Roberts having any titles.  I don’t think everybody that gets into the wrestling business is going to be the World Heavyweight Champion.  Some of them may not be the Television Champion or the Intercontinental Champion or the TNT Champion or whatever because the person writing the show doesn’t have you in mind for that role.  It’s like being an actor.  My thing is, you think you are going to get the leading role every time.  The leading role may not be for you in this movie but they say we may still have a part for you.  You don’t have a whole lot of lines but you are still going to be getting a royalty check once this movie hits the scenes.  So you need to know why you’re in the game.  People are still talking about this hashtag movement.  I want to get it out there.  A lot of people in this business have to scratch tooth and nail to get a little taste of what’s going on.  Sometimes people come in this business and don’t do a lot of scratching at all and they make it to the top of the business.  My thing is this, I’ve never hated Goldberg because of the way he skyrocketed to the top making more than all of the boys that put in all the work.  That’s just the way it happens sometimes.  That is that anomaly, that perfect storm.  Do I wish I was that guy?  Hell yea.  But don’t think that is the norm for everyone.  That’s my point.”

During this episode, Booker also talked about Monday Night Raw, Cedric Alexander joining The Hurt Business, Matt Hardy’s bump at AEW All Out and he interviewed former WCW Champion David Arquette. Check out the full show below.

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