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Booker T: "I just don't think we need Cody Rhodes to go away for a 6-9 month period"

This week on "The Hall of Fame," Booker T discussed Cody Rhodes wrestling with a torn pectoral muscle at Hell in a Cell, and shared his thoughts on whether or not Cody should continue to be on screen while working through his injury recovery.

Booker T commenting on Cody Rhodes working with a torn pectoral muscle at Hell in a Cell:

"Watching Cody Rhodes do his work with a torn pectoral muscle was unbelievable to say the least knowing what he was going through," Booker said.

“It just shows me what Cody Rhodes comes from, you know, as far as his DNA, what's in his blood. Old school, that's the way we did it back in the day. I can't remember calling in and saying, 'I can't make it today', let alone being in the main event. So for me, I got nothing but love, nothing but respect for Cody Rhodes for going out there, doing that, and putting his body on the line for what he loves. But more importantly, he was not going to let the fans down. He was gonna go out there and give the WWE Universe that right now is giving Cody Rhodes everything, they are giving him every ounce of love to keep him going and to let him know that, 'Hey, we appreciate you.'"

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"So for Cody to come out and do that, nothing but major, major props to Cody Rhodes.”

On whether WWE should still book Cody Rhodes on TV in some capacity:

"I see Cody Rhodes being one of those guys that, 'I might have to be on the shelf, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to make the show. I'm not going to make the town.' Cody, I still think has that mentality of the old school wrestler where, 'I'm hurt, but still book me. I could still do something. I could still talk.' I think we're still gonna see Cody over this period that he's off as far as out of the ring, but I still think we're gonna see Cody on a regular basis because I just don't think we need Cody to go away for a six to nine month period at this point in time where he is just red hot. I just don't think we need that."