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Booker T: “I’m just wondering how much mileage is left in The New Day, I don’t think it’s much”

Booker T gave his thoughts on WrestleMania 37 on a recent episode of “The Hall Of Fame” podcast.

Here are some highlights:

Booker T said the live crowd at WrestleMania was shocked when Drew McIntyre lost to Bobby Lashley:

“Let me tell you something.  I was there.  I saw it up close and personal.  The fans were so shocked.  Literally, I thought somebody in the front row was going to die from shock.  It was surprising, but the air, I wouldn’t say it left the arena or anything like that, but everybody was shocked to the point where almost like when The Undertaker streak was broken.  That’s the way it felt in the arena when Drew McIntryre did not break The Hurt Lock.  He looked like he was going to break it.  It felt like he was going to break it, and then all of a sudden, boom, he taps.  The referee called for the bell.  A lot of people did not see that happening the way it happened.

Booker T talking about the future of The New Day:

“Where does The New Day go from here?  That is the question.  Have The New Day run their course?  Let’s be real here.  Who wants to see Kofi Kingston be a heel?  Kofi’s a good guy.  He’s a nice guy.  I can’t see Kofi coming out and ripping somebody’s side up like I would do or anything like that.  I can’t see Xavier Woods, a college man, doctor, acting like he’s a bada*ss, a tough guy.  My thing is this.  I just don’t know where the New Day goes.  Big E is on an island of his own.  Big E is trying to break out.  Xavier Woods, in singles competition.  Kofi Kingston.  Kofi’s had a hell of a run.  Kofi’s been there 13 or 14 years.  He’s been around a minute.  I’m just wondering how much mileage is left in The New Day,  I don’t think it’s much.  Let’s just say that.  I look at being in a group like that kind of like a stepping stone.  You kind of have two careers out of a situation like that.  Someone like myself, being in a 10 year tag team relationship with my brother, and then breaking out into singles, it was like I was brand new again.  The only person I see that working for is Big E as far as being something new because Kofi’s been a singles wrestler for many years before he was with The New Day.  Xavier Woods, being a guy who, I don’t know?  Xavier Woods seemed like he was in the right place at the right time, jumping in with The New Day and creating that nucleus.  The thing is, I really can’t really see a lot of The New Day’s ideas being Xavier Woods because he’s off into that video game world.  I just wonder, where do they go from here?”

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