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Booker T not happy about Superstar Billy Graham suggesting Kofi Kingston should take steroids

Booker T is not happy about recent comments made by WWE Hall Of Famer Superstars Billy Graham. For those of you that missed it, Graham suggested for Kingston to take some steroids and gain 50 pounds.

“Superstar Billy Graham said some disparaging things about Kofi Kingston,” Booker said on his radio show.

“The thing is these old guys need to wake up and realize that their era is over.” He continued, “to bring steroids into a conversation as far as what a man needs to do to get to the top in the wrestling business, man, there’s more to life than the wrestling business. What about your health?”

Booker says he respects Superstar Billy Graham for what he did in the business but he did not like Graham throwing shade on Kingston’s WrestleMania moment.

“They got a Wellness Policy now. They’re trying to keep these guys alive. We lost so many soldiers along the way because of steroids and drugs. And for this man to say another man needs to get on drugs to become successful? He is successful! He’s the WWE Champion. I don’t think drugs is gonna do anything for him. The right choice is made. The one person above all is Superstar Billy Graham should know what steroids do to the body.”

Booker listed some of Graham’s health issues he’s dealt with over the years due to steroid use.

Booker noted that all of the “brothers and sisters” took a photo with Kingston after WrestleMania 35 and he said the title win was “long overdue” but he did it and that is all that matters.

Graham’s comments are surprising because he was at the forefront of wrestlers in the early 90s who ripped on the WWF because of widespread steroid use. Graham has also been vocal about wanting to educate people about the harmful effects of steroid abuse. You can click here if you want to read everything Graham said about Kingston.

You can listen to Booker’s comment by clicking below. “The Hall of Fame with Booker T and Brad Gilmore” can be heard on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on Houston’s ESPN 97.5.

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