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Booker T on his tag team run with Goldust: "It was like the best time in our careers."



This week on "The Hall of Fame" podcast, Booker T talked about his time being in a tag team with Goldust.

“We definitely had perhaps the most memorable run out of all my WWE tag team partners, you know, RVD, Test, but Goldust, man we had so much fun each and every week."

"It was like a night off," he continued.

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"I remember Goldy and I were in the locker room one day. It was just him and I, nobody else. Goldy looked at me and said, ‘Hey Book, can you believe they pay us to do this?’ We both started laughing."

"It was like the best time in our careers. It wasn’t about wrestling or anything like that. It was about entertainment, but we still went out and tried to make sure the wrestling meant something to the fans when Goldy and I did it.”

Booker continued saying, ‘When Goldy and I broke up, you could look in the audience and people were crying real tears. It was awesome. It was an awesome run, me and Goldy.”

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